Founded in 2012, Southside Waterjet is one of the most respected fabrication firms in the South.

We regularly win business through word of mouth, which we put down to our dedicated Team and reliability. 

If you are up against a tight deadline we do what we can to help you. 

Whether you use us for one off prototypes or high volumn production, we are cost effective, fast and provide an accurate, unvarying and easily repeated high quality finish.  


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Peter Noyce



Joe Dimsdale
Production Manager 


Open Positions

We are always interested to hear from hard working, like minded individuals who are inspired by what we do.  

If you would like to become a part of the Southside Waterjet Team please get in touch via our Contact Page or apply for an opening position below.  

Stone Mason 

We are currently looking for a highly skilled Stone Mason to join our already diverse team.  


  • Excellent team work skills
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions carefully
  • Ability to follow a design brief accurately 
  • Creative mind
  • Ability to use initiative 
  • Practical skills 
  • Capacity to carry out basic calculations 
  • Good physical health

Kitchen Worktop Fitter 

We are looking for an experienced Kitchen Worktop Fabricator, Fitter to join our team.  


  • Must have experience 
  • Templating skills 
  • A clean driving licence is also required
  • Good communication skills as will be working with retail customers as well as large companies. 
  • Good physical health 


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