Flexible and Versatile.  Quality and Sustainability.

It all starts with ordinary tap water, filtered and pressurized in an Ultra High-Pressure pump, then delivered via high-pressure tubes to the water jet cutting head. A small diameter orifice will concentrate the water beam and the pressure turns into velocity. The supersonic water beam cuts all kinds of soft material like plastic, foam, rubber and wood. This process is called Pure Water Jet cutting.

To increase the cutting power, grains of an abrasive are added to the stream and the water beam turns into high-speed liquid sandpaper cutting all kinds of hard materials like stone, glass, metal and composites. This process is called Abrasive Water Jet cutting. 

Any material

Up to 300 mm (Z constraint is only the limit for thickness)

Up to 0.01 mm

Our machines are manufactured by Waterjet Sweden.  A leader in waterjet manufacturing in Europe, with over 30 years experience in waterjet cutting. With a pair of Waterjet Sweden’s NC30 machines and two HP pumps it gives us full production capacity or the flexibility to keep one table for more bespoke applications.