Endless Opportunities.  Tremendous Flexibility. 

We work with a large number of businesses across Southern England providing waterjet cutting services to a variety of sectors. 

Our skilled Team are dedicated to providing the highest level of service from quotation through to final delivery.  We work with a diverse range of clients, understanding the needs of each individual specifically and ensuring we deliver a waterjet cutting solution that best fits the application. 



Luxurious work tops and splash backs, wetrooms or swimming pool solutions. We've had the privilege of supplying some of London's most prestigious addresses. 



If you are wanting your customers to have an unforgettable experience, Southside Waterjet will deliver.  We produce branding, signage, fitout and design solutions for the retail sector.  



We've successfully won contracts with a large number of London contractors, architects and stone and tile distributors. We fabricate material to their exacting requirements be it stair treads, bespoke flooring or feature walls. 

Flexible and Versatile.  Quality and Sustainability.

It all starts with ordinary tap water, filtered and pressurized in an Ultra High-Pressure pump, then delivered via high-pressure tubes to the water jet cutting head. A small diameter orifice will concentrate the water beam and the pressure turns into velocity. The supersonic water beam cuts all kinds of soft material like plastic, foam, rubber and wood. This process is called Pure Water Jet cutting.

To increase the cutting power, grains of an abrasive are added to the stream and the water beam turns into high-speed liquid sandpaper cutting all kinds of hard materials like stone, glass, metal and composites. This process is called Abrasive Water Jet cutting. 

Any material

Up to 300 mm (Z constraint is only the limit for thickness)

Up to 0.01 mm

Our machines are manufactured by Waterjet Sweden.  A leader in waterjet manufacturing in Europe, with over 30 years experience in waterjet cutting. With a pair of Waterjet Sweden’s NC30 machines and two HP pumps it gives us full production capacity or the flexibility to keep one table for more bespoke applications.

Neutral in Palette. Tactile by Nature.

Our experienced Team handle an array of processes using high quality natural stone including bonding, shaping, sandblasting and polishing. 

Applications include granite worktops, quartz blanks for precision mirrors, inlaid marble flooring, decorative wall panels, stone sculptural pieces, the possibilities are endless. 



Dense and Durable. 

A man-made material that is renowned for its strength and durability, Porcelain is both versatile and available in a wide variety of finishes, colours and sizes.  We specialise in resizing and rectifying porcelain tiles.  Cutting bespoke templates from as large as 3 meter sheets we have the specialist skills to bond, glue to clad furniture or cut kitchen work tops and splash backs.

IMG_0663 2.JPG

The details are not the details.  They make the Design.

Southside Waterjet thrive to be innovators.  

We regularly work closely with architects to consult, design and guide them through the design process enabling them to realise their ideas. 


“A true Artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”
— Salvador Dali

We help Artists realise their visions by experimenting with different media and guiding them through the process with the help of waterjet technology.